Boldly Forward Colorado is a 501 C4 entity and all contributions are not tax deductible. Boldly Forward may accept corporate and individual contributions. Donations to Boldly Forward will be voluntarily disclosed yearly.

Board of Directors

Blanca O’Leary, Board ChairĀ 
Graham Kaltenbach, Treasurer

Although we are not required to disclose our donors, out of an abundance of transparency here is a list of our esteemed donors of 2019-2021.  

Michael Sawaya
David Merage
Barbara Grogan
Kimberly Jordan
Pat Stryker
Blanca & Cavanaugh O’Leary
Harry Frampton
Rueben Munger
Stephen Schutz
James & Pamela Crowe
Charles J. Murphy
Barbara Bridges
Franklin Azar
Judith Wagner
Eric Spiedel
Thomas A. Barron
Kathleen S. Ricker
Michael Burg
Education Reform Now Advocacy, Inc
Ken Gart
Stanton Dodge
Joyce Amico
America Works
Carla Ferreira
Kory Mitchell